Friday, July 1, 2011

Ethan and Alex's lunch

Ethan and Alex go to the YMCA for day camp while Gary and I work. Each day they need to bring a lunch. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, I have been trying to pack the most nutritious lunches for them that they will actually eat and not trade. Here is what I packed them yesterday for lunch:
Alex has a pb&j sandwich while Ethan has a ham and deli mustard sandwich. Both sandwiches were made with wheat deli flat bread. That bread has a good bit of fiber and very few calories. They each also have a string cheese, watermelon in a bag, carrots, and an organic granola bar. They carry a water bottle with them at all times at camp so that is their drink.

Sorry about the glare on the picture. I am not a good photographer. So that's a look at what a typical packed lunch looks like for my kids. I try to pack a fresh fruit and vegetable or two fruits with each meal. This helps them get closer to eating 5 fruits or vegetables each day. String cheese is my calcium food since I did not pack milk.

I actually pack their lunches 4 out of 5 days a week during the school year as well. I am pretty disgusted at what Kettering City Schools serve their kids for lunch. The kids want to buy their lunch so they can be like their friends, so we compromised and I let them choose 1 day each week to buy. The typical lunch served by their school is pizza or french toast or chicken nuggets. It is rare when the school actually serves something fresh. No wonder our nation is having a childhood obesity crisis. Combine the high calorie lunches with less and less recess and you have kids that are having high blood pressure and type II diabetes.

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