Monday, June 20, 2011

Pasta Salad!

I work full time including every other weekend. Today I'm off work so I decided to make a big batch of pasta salad for everyone to have for lunch this week. My kids go to the Y's day camp so I pack them a lunch every day. Trying to pack a healthy lunch is harder than you think. My kids long for the sugary taste of little debbies and crunch of chips.

So anyway, back to the pasta salad. I used a high fiber rotini (Dreamfield's) and chopped up some broccoli, orange cauliflower and ham. Yes, that's right, orange cauliflower. It was right there in the grocery store next to the white cauliflower. I decided that I would pay a hommage to the Clemson Tigers and use the orange one. I also added grated carrots, shredded mozzarella cheese and italian dressing. (I chose Girard's italain dressing.) Voila!
Pictured next to the bowl of pasta salad is fresh cantaloupe. I plan to pack pasta salad, cantaloupe, string cheese and water for our lunches tomorrow. We'll see what the kids think of that.

This week my kids are going to VBS so I'm really not cooking many dinners this week. Our church is serving dinner to the kids during VBS so Gary and I are going to take advantage and go out to dinner this week.


  1. Hey A, you might want to have a look at Steve Albini's cooking blog. Lot's of healthy, local and yummy recipes. Plus, he's sort of a modern rock legend!